Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Trivia

  1. What was the name of the first Harley-Davidson® mini Bike?

  2. Itís 1971 and you just bought a red, white and Blue Harley-Davidson® with a bobtail rear fender, an fl chassis and an XL front-end. You just bought the first of which model?

  3. What was the famous paint scheme on the 1971 FX called?

  4. What 1993 Harley-Davidson® motorcycle is noted for its black and white paint scheme and its cowhide accessories?

  5. What two Harley-Davidson® models were named for famous rallies?
  6. In what year was the FLSTS Heritage Springer® Introduced?

  7. Harley-Davidsonís® trademarked 45 V-Twin engine capable of achieving 60 mph was first produced in?

  8. Harley-Davidsonís® First parts and accessories catalog was first published in?

  9. Who bought his first Harley in 1956 and posed for the cover of the í56 may issue of The Enthusiast® sitting on a 1956 model kh?

  10. Who began racing for Harley-Davidson® in 1925 and went on to become one of the most successful racers of all time- breaking the land speed record on a motorcycle in 1937?

  11. The Flathead Ė a V-Twin engine introduced on the D model in 1929- was so reliable it was produced with only minor variations until 1973. In 1948 the Panhead (Named for the one piece, Chrome-Plated rocker covers that resembled cake pans) was introduced; what model eventually replaced it in 1966?

  12. Who was the engine pioneer- later known for building outboard motors- who helped Harley and the Davidson brothers in the early years of the company?

  13. Early motorcycle tires were the natural color of the rubber used to make them. What color were these tires?

  14. From 1971-1975 Harley-Davidson® sold what other vehicles besides motorcycles?

  15. What is the name of the Harley-Davidson® Company sponsored program by which riders can get beginner-rider training?

  16. Harley-Davidson® has produced numerous competitive motorcycles. Which one of these names from the past is fictitious: Flying Merkel; Tomarty Triple; Green Egg; Feilbach limited

  17. What is the Harley-Davidsons moto?

  18. What year was the Fat Boy introduced?

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