Model Designations

Sportster Variations

XL: Basic Sportster,1957
XLA: Military XL,1957
XLH: Higher preformance XL,1958
XLC: Stripped California Model, 1958
XLCH: Higher Proformance XLC, 1958
XLRTT: Tourist Trophy Racer, 1958
XR-750: Racer, 1970
XLT: Touring XL with a bigger tank, 1977
XLCR: Cafe Racer (Road race-style XLH), 1977-78
XLS: Custom Styled XLH (Roadster), 1978
XLX-61: “Budget” XL, 1983
XR-1000: XL with a revamped XR-750 Engine,1983
XLH-883/XLH-1100: Evolution Sportster Engine, 1986
XLH-1200: Replaced the XLH-1100,1988
XL-1200S: Sport (Improved Suspension),1996


Big Twin FL

FL: Electra Glide (Rigid Mount), 1965
FLH: FL with higher compresion engine
FLHS: FLH sport without fairing and saddlebags, 1977
FLHC: Electra Glide Classic with two tone paint,cast wheels, and tour pack, 1979
FLT: Tour Glide with rubber mount and five speed transmision, 1980
FLTC: Tour Glide Classic with two- tone paint and decals, 1981
FLHT: FLT with old-style fairing, 1983
FLHTC: Ultra Classic with upgraded touring features, 1983
FLHR: Road King (Also available as FLHRI, with fuel injection), 1996
FLHRCI: Road King Classic fuel injection only, 1998
FLtr: Road Glide with carb (reintroduction of Tour Glide), 1998
FLTRI: Road Glide with fuel injection, 1998

Big Twin FX

FX: Super Glide, 1971
FXE: electric-start FX, 1974
FXS: Low Rider with chain drive, drag bars, and new tank console, 1977
FXEF: Fat Bob with buckhorn bars and bobbed rear fenders, 1979
FXB: Sturgis model FX with all belt drive, 1980-82
FXWG: Wide Glide with wide-spaced fork, FLH speedo,and Fat Bob fuel tank, 1980
FXSB: Low Rider with single-belt final drive, 1983
FXDG: Disc Glide with solid rear wheel, based on FXWG, 1983
FXDS: Dyna Glide Sturgis, 1990
FXDC: Dyna Glide Custom with two-tone paint and silver powder-coated frame, 1992
FXDL: Dyna Low Rider, 1993
FXD: Dyna Super Glide, 1995
FXDX: Dyna Super Glide Sport, 1999

Big Twin FXR

FXR: Super Glide II, 1982-83
FXRS: Low Glide ( FXR with fancier paint and trim), 1982
FXRT: Sport Glide ( FXR with a fairing, air suspension, duel-disk brakes, and bags), 1983
FXRDG: Disk Glide with solid rear wheel, 1984 only
FXRP: Police Model, 1984
FXRC: Low Glide Custom with wire wheels, 1985
FXRD: Sport Glide Grand Touring with special trim package, 1986 only
FXR: Sport Glide ( revival of the original, and the last Big Twin with a chain final drive), 1986
FXRS-SP: Sport Edition Low Rider with longer suspension and duel-disc brakes, 1987
FXLR: Low Rider Custom, 1987
FXRS_CONV: Low Rider Convertible with detachable windshield and saddlebags, 1989

Big Twin ST

FXST: hardtail look with softail rear end, based on Wide Glide, 1984
FXSTC: Softail Custom with chrome, deluxe paint, and solid rear wheel, 1986
FLST: Heritage Softail with Hydra Glide- style fork, 1986
FLSTC: Heritage Softail Special with classic styling, windshield, and saddlebags, 1987
FXSTS: Springer Softail with spring fork assembly, 1988
FLSTF: Fat Boy with 16” disk wheel, shotgun pipes and restyled front fender, 1990
FXSTB: Night Train, 1998

Police models


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